Twin Group Recognised as Ofsted Good Provider



Its official - we are thrilled to share that in our first FULL inspection, we have been recognised as an Ofsted Good Provider, receiving Good outcomes across all areas. 

We welcomed inspectors to our Greenwich headquarters in early October, and at our other delivery locations across the country, where they carried out our first full inspection of all the adult training we provide, supporting people to develop the skills to move into, and progress within work. 

In 2022, we received our first monitoring visit and once complete, we embarked upon a significant, continuous improvement journey to ensure that our learners were receiving the best experience to meet their individual needs.

Our employers were involved in the design and delivery of all programmes, and our staff received ongoing, weekly continuous professional development to further improve their teaching and learning skills, and the impact it had on our learners outcomes. 

We invested heavily to ensure we had all we needed to create the right learning environment for all our learners, and repeatedly paused and reflected on our journey, resetting where needed to ensure we were continually re-evaluating our progress. 

Our staff have worked extremely hard over the past year, especially during the inspection period where they ensured inspectors had all they needed at all times, evidencing our journey and continually improving quality of education. 

Inspectors commented on the safe and calm learning environments, the building of skills progressively through learning programmes, the setting of high expectations and the benefits of the effective CEIAG offered. Stakeholders spoke with inspectors about the high level of engagement they had with management and learners commented about the supportive environments which built confidence and personal development. 

As we reflect on the outcomes, and those areas we are continuing to improve upon, we are now preparing for our journey to being recognised as an Outstanding Provider, and look forward to supporting our employers, stakeholders, learners and staff with our continually improving and progressive education and training offers.