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Maths Tutor / Functional Skills - West Sussex Multiply

Posted on 2023-08-17


United Kingdom
Job Description


General Data

PLEASE ONLY APPLY FOR THIS ROLE IF YOU ARE BASED IN KENT, ENGLAND. This is not a remote role, and will involve classroom delivery across Kent.  



DEPARTMENT                      TET

JOB TITLE:                         FUNCTIONAL SKILLS TUTOR  - Multiply

SALARY:                                 £28,000pa     

LOCATION:                            Sussex OR Kent     

REPORTS TO:                         Operations Manager    

RESPONSIBLE FOR:              No Staff Management  

LEVEL:                                    Experienced


Overview of the role



This is a challenging yet rewarding opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of adult learners, helping them to acquire essential skills that can improve their employability and overall quality of life. You will be responsible for the planning, delivery and outcomes for adult learners embarking on our multiply programme, which offers 3-4 day courses to improve basic numeracy/budgeting skills and everyday math application. Learners may also go on to do Functional Skill, which you will also be competent in delivering. You will be confident in teaching a variety of levels from Entry Level 1 to Level 2.






To prepare and review session plans, scheme of work, and teaching/learning materials using initial assessments and marked work to take into account the learners’ individual needs

· Plan and deliver engaging and exciting training sessions to inspire and motivate learners in classroom and workplace environment, depending on employer requirements

· Travel to workplace sessions, to deliver planned functional skills sessions to individuals and groups

· To improve learners’ experience through providing ongoing support as required

· Prepare learners for examinations to gain the appropriate qualifications

· Continually monitor and review learners’ progress

· Assist in the writing, design and development of curriculum through planning time and standardisation meetings

· Monitor attendance, punctuality and progress

· To consistently deliver high standards of teaching and learning

· To provide learners with one-to-one support in a contextualised setting
· Act on feedback from teaching observations, employers, peers or other review processes

· Undertake necessary training to professionally develop and keep abreast with current practices and legislation within the sector 

· Attend planning and coordination meetings as required, held either at Eastbourne HQ or London HQ

· Coordinate the moderation of Functional Skills exams

· To provide accurate and timely formative and summative assessment and feedback to learners, and maintain assessment records, including tracking and reporting of learner progress in line with the organisation’s policy

· Complete qualification administration to required standards for awarding body and verified by IQA/EQA

· Engaging with quality management processes to ensure that teaching maintains Outstanding OFSTED standards



  • Prior experience in delivering Functional Skills in Maths classes/qualifications and hold knowledge of the Functional Skills Curriculum from Entry Level 1 to Level 2
  • Familiarity with OFSTED's expectations for high-quality education delivery.



  • Knowledge of the barriers to employment for our demographic of learners, and you can assist employers to overcome the prejudice of this.
  • Essential

  • Qualified teacher status (QTS) or equivalent teaching qualification in Maths.
  • Specialisation in Maths functional skills from Entry Level 1 to Level 


  • Strong communication skills with the ability to convey complex ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Patient, empathetic, and able to adapt teaching methods to accommodate individual student needs.
  • Efficient time management and the ability to plan and deliver lessons effectively.
  • Familiarity with educational technology and tools to enhance language learning.
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to engage and motivate learners from diverse backgrounds.
  • Strong organizational skills with attention to detail.
  • Understanding of AEB contract requirements and compliance.


Knowledge/experience – Essential and Desired

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